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The Christmas Elf Tradition


Invite an Elf to stay this December and create magical Christmas memories every day!

The Cheeky Elf is a new Christmas Tradition. A package 'arrives' from The North Pole at the start of Advent which contains an Elf soft toy and a box full of accessories. Amongst these is a letter from Santa which explains to your child that the Elf has been sent to stay with them in the run up to Christmas to report back to Santa on how they are behaving but also to have some fun!  

At night time, when everyone else is asleep, the Elf comes to life and gets up to all sorts of fun or mischief around the house. When your child wakes up they need to go and find where the Elf is hiding and what he/she has been up to overnight! 

Sometimes the Elf has done something cheeky and can be found with evidence of what he/she has been up to. Sometimes they may have brought a gift or a Christmas activity. Sometimes they might simply be somewhere strange like at the top of the Christmas tree or in the dirty washing basket! Elf ideas can be as simple or as intricate as you like. 

Unlike some other versions of the Elf tradition your Elf does not need to stay on a shelf and there is no reference in the letter from Santa or anywhere else in the pack that suggest the elves lose their magic when touched. 


The Elves do need to go back to the North pole on Christmas Eve to help Santa with all the preparations for next year so they are left out with their passports and report cards on Christmas Eve. Some Elves have been known to make an appearance on special occasions throughout the year such as birthdays, but most are gone until 1st December the following year when the fun all starts again!

Our Elf (Pepper) will be returning for his 5th year this December and the children are already excited about his arrival and what he may get up to this year. It has made this special time of the year even more magical for our family and we have so much fun thinking of things for him to get up to during his stay! 

The Cheeky Elf sells everything you need to get started, and every kit includes a parent pack with instructions and ideas for Elf antics. To get some more ideas of what your Elf can get up to, have a look at our Elf Antics page. Visit our Facebook page for more ideas and information - and we'll also be posting pictures of what Elves everywhere are doing throughout December. You can show your pictures here too, so don't be shy - show the world what your Elf has been up to!