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How much is delivery?

Standard Royal Mail 2nd class delivery is £1.99 for orders under £15 and free for orders £15 or over. A next day delivery service is available for an additional fee.

What if I have more than one child?

All the items can be shared between siblings but we do also sell extra items for siblings. If these are purchased alongside a starter pack we will add them in to the starter pack. The Cheeky Elf Twin pack also contains 2 Elves and 2 of all the items.

What is the difference between the standard and deluxe starterpacks?

All the packs come with an Elf, Behaviour chart, Christmas Journal, Letter from Santa, Report Card and a Candy Cane. The deluxe packs also include a Mini Suitcaseand a knitted Christmas Jumper for your Elf.

When and how should I introduce the Elf?

Most Elves 'arrive' with children on 1st December but they can join in the fun any time in the run up to Christmas. Your Cheeky Elf starter pack is packaged in a gift box with a North Pole postmark but this will be packed and sent in a discreet postal bag so there is no danger of any little people seeing this before December 1st!

The letter from Santa has a space where you can write your children's names but this also works just as well if it is left blank.

Write your child/children's name(s) on the front of your Cheeky Elf box and then the package can be 'delivered' on 1st December: you could leave it on the doorstep for the children to find, put it just inside the front door, leave it by the fireplace or it could be waiting for them in their room when they wake up. Let your child open up the package, read the letter from Santa to your children and let the fun begin!

What happens next?

Decide on a place where the Elf is going to sleep each night. This normally works best if it is somewhere other than the child’s bedroom! Before your child goes to bed they put the Elf to bed (the box the Elf arrived in makes a great bed) and then it's your turn to have some fun!  The Elf's overnight antics can be as simple or as intricate as you like - the Elf may simply be found in a different place than they were left, or maybe they’ve gotten up to something creative or some mischief overnight. In the morning your child can search round the house for the Elf and will be very excited to see where they are and what they've been up to!

For some ideas on what your Elf can get up to overnight click here. We will also be posting ideas and photos on our Facebook page, especially throughout December. Click here to visit the Facebook page. 

What is the Elf door for?

The Elf door is an optional extra. If purchased this can 'appear' on your skirting board either in the run up to the Elf arriving or on their first day. To purchase an Elf door, click here.

What happens on Christmas Eve?

Most people's Elves return to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, so leave them out with their passport and report card with the stockings. It makes it a lot more special if your child's Elf only comes to visit in the run-up to Christmas. It can be hard for some children to say goodbye, but remind them of the box on the report card where they can say if they would like their Elf to return next year.  

Can my Elf return back at any point through the year?

Some people like their Elves to come back for special occasions such as a birthday during the year; other people prefer to wait until December 1st next year for the Elf to make their return. It's entirely up to you!