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Elf Antics

At night, when children are fast asleep, the fun for the Elves (and parents!) begins. Some people like to set up detailed scenes for their Elves, some people prefer to keep things simple and just move the Elf around to a different place every night. See below for some of our favourite Elf ideas. 


Other Great Elf Ideas:

  1. The Elf has got breakfast things ready for your child and has spelt out their name in cereal.
  2. The Elf has decided to host a party and is found wearing a party hat with a few other soft toys. 
  3. *Star Elf Idea* The Elf has left a note with two magic beans/seeds (beans, Tic Tacs or Jelly Beans) and instructions to bury them in flour, put in a warm place and leave for a set period of time. After the time has passed the beans have magically turned into candy canes!
  4. The Elf is found with a lipstick or facepaint, when the children look in the mirror they see the Elf has drawn on their faces in the night. 
  5. The Elf has drunk some of Daddy’s beer and is found with an empty bottle in the morning.
  6. The Elf has made your child a marshmallow snowman or brought a bag of marshmallows and instructions on how to do this (use choc chips and syrup/icing to fix together).
  7. *Star Elf Idea* The Elf is found by the computer and with a note asking Mum/Dad to check their e-mail. The e-mail is a link to an ‘Elf yourself’ video of all the family (prepare this in advance at - it's hilarious!).
  8. As the children have behaved so well the previous day the Elf brings a Christmassy present for them. A range of low cost gifts are available to purchase from The Cheeky Elf website, but this could be anything.
  9. The Elf is found by the Christmas tree and has decorated the tree with something silly like the child’s pants or other items of clothing.
  10. A green wee is found in the potty/toilet (use food colouring) and the Elf is nearby wrapped in toilet roll.
  11. The Elf is found next to a camera. Evidence of what mischief he has got up to in the night can be found on the camera!
  12. The Elf has had a snowball fight with some of the other toys in the night (using cotton wool).
  13. Some of the family photos have been replaced with photos of Elves.
  14. The Elf has left a message for your child using an Etch-a-Sketch, letters on a fridge or a blackboard.
  15. A snow spray decoration appears overnight on a window, the Elf is found nearby with the spray can.
  16. The Elf is found with an Elf hat which they've brought so that the child can dress like him/her. 
  17. The Elf has fallen asleep in front of the TV with a Christmas film DVD case and the remains of some popcorn.
  18. The Elf has left out invitations to visit Santa at a Grotto.
  19. The Elf is found in the printer/scanner with some print outs of where he has tried to scan himself. 
  20. *Star Elf Idea* ‘North Pole Breakfast’: the Elf is found at the table which has been decorated with Christmas tableware and Christmas-themed food. Tableware can be purchased from The Cheeky Elf website, or simply search ‘North Pole Breakfast’ on Pinterest for food ideas.
  21. The Elf is feeling ill and is found in bed with a thermometer and hot water bottle.
  22. The Elf tried to put tinsel up somewhere but has made a bad job of it and is found wrapped in the tinsel, dangling from one leg.
  23. The Elf is found with a Christmas bake set and recipe for Christmas biscuits. Click here to purchase.